HST Panorama

Aluminium – clad wood lift and slide doors

Bertrand hardware features a full range of the hightest quality from a single source

HST Panorama is an innovative solution in which you will find frameless fixed glazing. The frame in the passive sash is flush with the floor, and the sunlight illuminates the interior of the house without restrictions, which gives the impression of an open space. In addition to frameless fixed glazing, it is also possible to use narrow wooden profiles, even for very large doors: up to 113 in. sash height and with a leaf weight of up to 881 sash weight.

HST Panorama by BERTRAND provides the best quality complete range from one source. These include, among others, espagnolettes, carriages, sealing rails and thresholds.

Advantages of the HST Panorama lift and slide system:


  • comfortable operation,
  • space saving,
  • wind protection,
  • waterproof,
  • high thermal insulation,
  • optimal sound insulation,
  • elegant, balanced design,
  • glazing of the fixed leaf to the floor level,




  • SHGC: 0,13 – 0,38
  • U-factor: 0,20
  • VT: 0,24 – 0,56
  • Maximum height: 12 ft.











Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, HST Panorama is extremely durable and weatherproof.
Following current architectural trends, the design of the HST Panorama system will be an ornament to your home.
Rich colors will allow you to match the HST Panorama system to your individual style.

Frame-free permanent glazing


The narrow milling in the frame is complemented by frameless permanent glazing, which consistently implements the plans to shape large glass surfaces with minimal frame dimensions.


The economy of material is another advantage of this design. Permanent glazing is fixed on the ground side with a thermally separated leveling profile.




Narrow wood milling


The enlarged surface of the influence of daylight and, depending on the type of glass, the best heat transfer coefficients are utility benefits for the living comfort and energy balance.


Narrow milling allows users to take advantage of the movable glass fronts, whose minimalist framing recedes into the background.


HST door becomes a stylistic element in the room. Both standard HST fittings as well as hook espagnolette can be used in wooden or wood-aluminum profiles from a height of 76 mm.

HST Panorama