Products of the Somfy brand offer complete solutions for the full automation of your home. These products are of highest quality, confirmed by numerous awards and commendations, as well as by the excellent feedback received from their users.

Enjoy the benefits of the control system using your tablet, smartphone, laptop or even your smartwatch.


  • user-friendly interface
  • wide personalization possibilities
  • easy to use
  • can be managed from anywhere in the world

The 3 most important functions:

Create your own scenarios, custom tailored to your lifestyle.


  • You can set up your own scenarios and easily activate them with just one touch. For example, the “EXIT” scenario will ensure that the roof windows are closed, the shutters pulled down, the heating turned off and all the lights are off.

You can adjust your scenarios to the particular days of a week.


  • You have the option to set up different scenarios for different times of day, for example the “DAY AT WORK” option may consist of several scenarios, which you can activate or deactivate at any given time.
  • You may also set up different programs for the specific days of a week, e.g. the “WORK” program for days from Monday to Friday, and the “WEEKEND” program, so you can sleep in Saturdays and Sundays.

You can also create very advanced scenarios.


  • There is the possibility to set up conditional scenarios. For example, if weather sensors establish that the outdoor temperature exceeds this configured at home, the shutters will be automatically pulled down, to prevent overheating of the interiors.
  • You can combine the scenarios and sensors settings. For example, those for temperature sensor, sunlight sensor or the motion detector.
Peace of Mind
Whenever you need, you can remotely make sure that your home remains safe.
Should any uninvited guest show up at your home, you will receive a warning on your smartphone.
During your absence, when an intruder appears, the TaHoma Premium will activate the protection of your home. The shutters will go down, and the lights will be automatically turned on.
Thanks to the installed cameras, you can easily monitor your home, and any events will be automatically recorded.