Unique entrance door


The MASTERLINE 8 PIVOT DOOR system features


  • Air tightness: Class 4 (600Pa)
  • Water tightness: Class 4A (150Pa)
  • Wind load resistance: Class C3 (1200Pa)
  • Min. height of element: 6 ft 11.504 in
  • Min. width of element: 4 ft 3.142 in
  • Min. height of sash : 6 ft 6.74 in
  • Max. height of sash: 13 ft 1.48 in
  • Min. width of sash: 3 ft 9.276 in
  • Max. width of sash: 8 ft 2.425 in
  • Max. weight of sash: 500 kg

MasterLine 8 aluminium doors offer excellent levels of safety, thermal insulation, and stability. Pivot doors make excellent entrance doors, and are available in a standard size, an impressive XL and a mulitple linked vents Landscape variant.



Personalise MasterLine 8 Pivot door with the following options.

Concealed Drainage
No more plastic cover caps, enjoy those clean lines.
Comfortable to use, even remotely.
Low Threshold
Easy access, cleaner look.
Better water performance, without adding thresholds.
Zero Threshold
Entrance without boundaries, even with continuous flooring.
Combines safety and comfort.

Pivot Masterline 8 - Unique entrance doors