Bertrand company offer includes terrace and balcony systems made of wood, PVC,  aluminum and wood-aluminum combination. You can choose from many design patterns, technical solutions and additional accessories, which will have an impact on the aesthetics, safety and the comfort of use.

Details and quality of the finish of the BERTRAND sliding systems create a harmonious entirety and the impression of a subtle combination of style and technology.
The BERTRAND sliding systems are normally equipped with advanced accessories, which hinder burglary attempts.
Materials used in the BERTRAND sliding systems emphasize their original design.
The feeling of true comfort is at your fingertips, due to the splendid materials used, comfortable handles and the advanced accessories.

The ideal solution for large-size glazed openings providing the unique quality to a building’s architectural design.




Modern large glazed surfaces


ARTLINE is really a work of art, which in an elegant way merges surroundings with the interior of a building, and offers users top quality solutions, together with the feeling of lightness and comfort. This product is the result of a conscious effort, the aim of which was to create an object of art combining the excellent functional and aesthetic qualities. ARTLINE constitutes the embodiment of contemporary architecture – it merges the creative approach to design, the unique effect encompassing the whole building, and the one of a kind impact on a user.


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Living space is valuable, so it should be put to the best possible use. For the first time, BERTRAND SMOOVIO combines the space-saving convenience of sliding solutions with extraordinarily compact design. This is made possible through a synergy of newly developed hinge parts, innovative profile geometry and optimised seals.


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Crack open and slide doors are an alternative to standard balcony doors. If you want to save the space taken up while opening a balcony door wing, you can use the crack open and slide system. As the name suggests, the wing can be crack opened (as in standard balcony doors) or slid (depending on the need, either to left or right). Sliding doors also have this advantage over the ordinary balcony doors, that they do not shut by themselves due to strong wind or draft. Bertrand company offers such solutions in all technologies (PVC, wood, aluminium, wood-aluminium.) The colours, similarly like in the folding systems, can be selected according to the individual preferences of the user.