Tradition of Quality since 1969.

Bertrand is a renowned manufacturer of windows, doors and curtain walls. The company was founded in 1969 and we have quenched the dreams of our numerous customers not only in Poland but in Europe, USA and worldwide.

Our extensive range of products is characterized by an exceptional quality. We use manufacturing procedures based on modern technology and apply a wide range of materials: different types of wood, a variety of PVC and aluminium profile systems as well as combined materials, such as wood-aluminium or PVC-aluminium.
We provide a comprehensive service in every respect. Product details are made by experienced employees, e.g. surface grinding in wooden windows. Share your dreams with us and we’ll make them come true. Your dream project is somewhat extraordinary? Great! Taking on challenges is what we do.


Bertrand is part of the NFRC Product Certification Program. We have done certification for NFRC and AWS ratings for our chosen product lines from NCTL. Bertrand window and door has done certfication for European style windows, doors, sliding windows , lift and slide doors from materials such as wood – aluminum, aluminum and uPVC.  In our commitment to quality, Bertrand is also part of the Keystone Fenestration Certification Program which ensures that our windows are manufactured to the highest of standards by means of strict quality control.

What is the highest quality of BERTRAND products a result of?

The highest quality of our products is achieved by the use of the most up-to-date technologies and continuous investments into R&D. Being one of the few manufacturers in Poland to have successfully introduced modern solutions into the market making us a pioneer of innovation and development within this sector. Example of such products are heating windows, Synergic and uPVC system Kubus. The quality, safety and comfort of our products are confirmed by numerous prestigious awards and certificates. Safety of our product is confirmed by German police.

BERTRAND’S offer provide You many solutions

You can choose from a wide range of materials: PVC systems, variety of timbers ranging from traditional pine to exotic species from around the world, aluminium systems as well as composite systems of PVC-aluminium and timber-aluminium. To complement our range of windows and doors you can choose from a vast spectrum of accessories e.g. roller- shutters, venetian blinds, insect screens, shutters, garage doors or even marquises or full glass constructions. We also offer numerous modern control systems e.g. radio, internet or biometrics. In result of it will be easily able to fulfill the container.

Finally, introduced to american market by BERTRAND Window and Door Corporation.

The unique you choose.

Members of Board

Why order European windows and doors from Bertrand?


We are constantly sending products to US market by the containers since 2010. BERTRAND is producing our windows always in outstanding quality. It is a result of consistent process improvements, modern machine park and talented and experienced polish carpenters.

The machines we use come from Italy and Germany and are the most technologically advanced. For the production of our windows made of uPVC, we use components from renowned and innovative German and Austrian companies. We use only the highest quality components for the production of windows.


How to place an order from Bertrand Windows & Doors?


Firstly, send us e-mail to address or We will contact You next working day at the latest.

In Your e-mail take care of such important elements like:


  • Project location.  We do have in offer many solutions for windows and doors. Every product has it dedicated designation. Different products are recommended for South Part of the US and different for North Part.
  • Type of the product You would like to have priced. Appears when your client or You are fully convinced to use specified product. For same needs we are able to propose couple of systems with different style or additional values.
  • Equipment of the product. What specific components are needed? Maybe some are not needed and could be avoided to save costs?

The most popular requirements are:

  • Tempered glass panes could be only interior / exterior (triple pane variant).
  • Laminated glass
  • Glazing requirements such as parameters of: SHGC, U-factor or visual transmission
  • Altimeters in spacers. Suggested for buildings located 950m a.s.l. Available only for fully tempered glazing.
  • Color or style of the handle / handrail
  • Hidden hinges fittings
  • Nailing fins, mounting anchors

Inform us about obligatory certification dedicated to North American markets and essential parameters for Your windows and doors. We have done certification for our products, which enables us to meet needs of the most restrictive structural and energy code.


Secondly, send us windows and doors schedule or Excel sheet, in which we can find construction dimensions and side of the opening. In this way we are able to prepare for You a proposal much faster, than with only architect plans without any windows and doors schedule.


You can also simply send us picture of design You are looking for window, door, handle, handrail or any other product.

We will prepare for You an offer immediately. For most of the projects it takes us 1-2 working days to send the proposal. Please, check carefully dimensions and sides of the opening. Offer is accepted when we received from you signed PDF with our offer. In next step we are sending invoice with 50% payment in advance to start the production. Second payment takes time before container with goods is leaving the factory.

Are You new to the process of purchasing from the abroad? We can help You with this. We are a very well experienced with all obligatory documents for customs. We use also effective solutions for product packing in the container to save space in the containers and as a result save money.


What benefits can you get when buying joinery from Bertrand?


1. You are buying top quality joinery 30-40% cheaper than from Germany

Bertrand is well-known company in Poland by the highest quality of products. Components, which we use are designed and produced in Germany. European windows is our specialization. With same components and constabtly developed production process we hear from our German clients that our windows are even better than in Germany. There is no difference to our disadvantage.

We use only German and Italian machines – but there is a one difference compared to our competitors. Practically whole production machinery is new, what provides higher quality for things like quality of welding of PVC corners or wood grinding. Luxury products like windows and doors from aluminum and wood are made by experienced handcrafters and carpenters with great support of automatized line for painting and square timber processing.


2. Bertrand is producing and delivering goods faster than most of American manufacturers. How is that possible?

Production optimalization is at very high level. Our high quality uPVC windows in white color are made in 2 weeks only. Aluminum constructions are made in 7-8 weeks.

Poland is equipped with 3 fast loading harbours. We are localized close to the harbour in Gdynia and Gdańsk, so it takes only 1 hour for truck to be in port from our company. We are able also to send containers by trucks directly to container port in Bremenhaven, Germany.


Customer Service

Our customer service is available for You in many languages. We are speaking in English, German, Italian, Polish and Russian language.


Your transactions are 100% safe.

Bertrand is more than 50 years old company with established position on the market. We are able also to provide You financial insurance of transaction. There is two ways of payment:

bank wire transfer or Paypal.

Law and certification.

Due to our long experience and focus on American market we are well educated about American market and differences in government requirements for every State. Since 2018 Bertrand started certification for NFRC and AAMA. Currently, we have certified solutions for entry doors, tilt-turn windows, fix windows and sliders to cover whole house needs with uPVC, wood-aluminum and aluminum products.

How can I be sure that proposed solutions will fit to my investment?

In fact, we are selling to the US every day, we can recommend You possible individualized solutions, which will be unique for Your client. Because of our long experience with producing solutions for facades, windows and doors etc., staff trainings, certification, technician and wide range of products we are also able to save cost with providing alternative solutions. For example our uPVC products are available to meet needs of a project dedicated to aluminum windows due to our uPVC have larger dimensions possibilities compared to American windows. We are able to produce 8 feet tall uPVC balcony window!

Delivery and logistics

Usually, we are organizing container transport, but if You have trusted broker You can organize it with them.

There 2 possibilities of container transport – directly to closest harbor near You and then You can pick up containers by other carrier or by yourself. Second option is door to door transport by the carrier. Thank to this option you will save a lot of time.