BERTRAND garage doors are functional, reliable, safe and matching the elevation of the solution.



The way the doors work allows to get the maximum space for the car parked inside the garage, as well as for the one parked on the driveway. Almost unlimited finishing options make it possible to create innovative and unique solutions.


Sectional doors can be adapted for different types of garages and for various opening widths – including the two-car garages. The high standard of our workmanship guarantees comfort, safety and the ease of use, as well as the excellent thermal insulation.

2 2364 in (60 mm) PROFILE


The warmest BERTRAND garage door – created for the growing energy efficiency of our homes. Exceptionally high level of insulation is ensured by insulated panels with a thickness increased to 60 mm over the entire height, a reinforced sealing system, as well as a refined construction in every detail.



Narrow embossing is a popular design, matching homes in a variety of styles. One of the advantages of this pressing is the attractive price-performance ratio.



Wide embossing is a design that works well in both classic and modern homes. An interesting alternative to narrow ribs.



A door without ribs is an elegant, simple form. It blends well with various architectural solutions. The style of this door can be emphasized by using bold RAL colors or decors with a distinct wood structure, e.g. antique pine.



V-profiling is a pattern that gives the doors a unique, modern look. The innovative form fits perfectly with the latest architectural trends.



This pattern is recommended for people who value the charm and warmth of houses with a traditional or rustic character.

Warm doors – 1 3764 in (40 mm) or 2 2364 in (60 mm) panels


The BERTRAND sectional doors are made of 40 mm thick panels filled with polyurethane foam, and they are sealed around the perimeter and between the sections. The shape of the upper arch has been designed to optimally press the upper door panel against the lintel. Due to this solution, the doors feature one of the best thermal insulation properties on the market: 0,1974 Btu (th)/hour/foot²/°F (Metric: U= 1,12 [W/m2K.])


For the energy-efficient houses, we have a special offer: the VENTE K2 RFS 60 
doors with the thickness increased to 60 mm. This exceptionally warm door also features the double bottom panel seal, intersection seals, and the additional perimeter gasket, which eliminates the thermal bridges between the wall 
and the angle bars. All of the above allows to achieve the coefficient of 1,5861 Btu (th)/hour/foot²/°F (Metric: U=0,9 [W/m2K.])

Robust construction


Regardless of how well the door looks from the outside, you should never forget, that first of all it must be solidly constructed. So, it is always a good idea, to check what the door looks like on the inside.


In our door mechanisms, we apply solutions, which strengthen the door, make it easily installed, but also ensure their reliability and the good looks from the inside of the garage.

All metalic gate elements are corrosion resistant.

In every door we install middle hinges, which further increase the stiffness of the structure.

As one of only a few firms on the market, we paint side fittings inside the door to match the colour of the panels.

Safe everyday living


We continuously improve our products introducing solutions, which improve the safety of use and protect functioning of the mechanisms. In each door, we install additional protection against falling of the gate in the case, that the spring breaks.


Our drives, as a standard solution, have the overload switch, which lifts the gate by approx. 10 cm as soon as it encounters resistance. The automatic door can also be equipped with photocells, which prevent closing whenever there is an obstacle in the door opening. The rollers installed in all our doors can be additionally equipped with the finger protection covers. Also, the doors sections feature the specially designed, safe shape.

Comfortable handling


Each of our garage doors constitutes a device trouble-free in handling, plus it is reliable and quiet. The comfort of its use is ensured by, among others, our state-of-the-art automation technology. The mechanisms applied in our products come from renowned manufacturers. They guarantee easy and trouble-free handling, but also make it possible to integrate the door with any “smart home” and any alarm system.


In our doors we use rollers based on ball bearings. We have also minimized the number of connections on the guides. With these solutions the doors’ work is both, quiet and smooth. Each of the doors we manufacture, regardless of its size, can be easily opened with one hand without applying force. This is possible due to a pair of torsion springs, which ensure the optimal balancing of the door.



Sectional Bertrand doors are available in over 200 RAL colors and several dozen wood-like veneers. This makes it possible to find the perfect matching door to the façade and other elements of the building’s joinery.

Basic color schemes of the veneers

Extended colour schemes of the veneers

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the digital rendering, presented colors may differ from the actual ones.