Bertrand roller shutters complement in a perfect way the company’s standard offer. To ensure the comprehensive customer service, our wide range of products include the roller shutter systems made of PVC or aluminium, which present a number of advantages. Installation of the roller shutters improves, among others, thermal insulation of a window structure.

Mosquito nets integrated with the roller shutter system (or installed later) provide excellent protection against insects. While on the windy days the shutters offer very effective protection against the wind.

The roller boxes may be opened both, from the bottom and toward the interior, which has a positive impact on the comfort of use. Easy operation is made possible by the drive systems, which in most cases can be additionally fitted at any time (belt, crank or motor.)

The aesthetic strong points of the shutters are supported by the large variety of available colours (you can choose between one colour solutions and a number of wood-like veneers.) Another unquestionable advantage of roller boxes with the inspection flap at the bottom, is the possibility to cover them with plaster from both, outside and inside, which makes them completely hidden, and that improves the looks of the structure.