The advantages of modern VINYL windows:


  • aesthetic
  • easy to care, use and maintain
  • healthy
  • effectively mute noise
  • resistant to weather conditions
  • ecological, fully recyclable
  • heat-insulating and energy-saving
  • good value for money

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High standard


The presented solutions are standard (no additional charges) for all the window series (TREND, KOMBISYSTEM, QUANTIX,  KUBUS.)

  • durable, snowy white
  • smooth surface facilitating maintenance
  • numerous chambers providing good thermal and acoustic insulation
  • grey, aesthetic and durable gasket made of high quality plastic, resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation, ensures tightness of the window
  • solid profile made of galvanized steel with a wall thickness of 1.5-2mm, a closed section in the frame, and a C-section in the sash
  • ensures the window’s rigidity and stability, resistance to distortions and hinders potential forcing of the window by burglars
  • composed of two panes of glass with a noble gas (argon) in the inter-pane space, featuring the heat transfer coefficient of Ug=1.1W/m2K,
  • perceptibly dampens the noise (acoustic insulation at the level of Rw=32dB)
  • crystal clear, allows for very good use of the solar light and energy, and does not create so-called dirty curtains effect
  • modern microventilation in each crack open and tilt sash
  • sash lift, which simultaneously acts as a lock for the wrong handle position
  • tilting brake protects against self-closing of the tilted window due to wind or draft
  • wide adjustment range, ensuring tightness and comfortable operation of the window even after many years (hinges adjustable in three planes, regulation of pressure on the catches, regulation of the sash lift)
  • silver galvanic coating, which effectively protects the fitting against corrosion
  • from 3 to 4 anti-theft catches on the sash
  • elegant door handle of modern design
  • fits well in your hand, and is easy to use
  • it features a precise, robust mechanism, which guarantees trouble-free use in many years

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a modern plastic material with versatile applications.


This material is everywhere in our everyday lives. We dress in clothes containing PVC components (sports shoes, clothing protecting from water and wind,) we wash in water flowing through PVC pipes, we use equipment contained in plastic housing (cookers, vacuum cleaners, radios, TV sets.) We drive cars that have many components made of plastic, in our wallets we see credit cards, which are also made of PVC.


PVC as a material is very good for making windows. The PVC window profile systems were being developed for many years and now the present top-quality level, and effectively compete with windows made of other materials. BERTRAND PVC windows are aesthetic and functional, very durable, resistant to weather conditions, efficient in noise dampening, heat-absorbing and energy-saving, healthy, easy to use, care for and maintain. The modern PVC windows are very tight, which is beneficial in terms of heat absorption and soundproofing qualities. The robust and stable profile, high quality gaskets, fittings with the large adjustment range and professional assembly, guarantee nearly complete tightness of the windows.


The BERTRAND windows allow you to separate yourself from the surrounding noise and to relax in the privacy of your home. As standard, the BERTRAND PVC windows are very well soundproofed, at the level of Rw=32dB. In places where the noise level is high (busy streets, vicinity of airports or other noisy locations,) we suggest using the special glass panes with the increased sound absorption. Such glass panes may feature sound insulation from 34 to 51dB.


As standard, we manufacture white PVC windows and doors, on customer’s request we can make a wood-like structure or colour stain them with acrylic glass. Smooth surface of the profiles makes them easy to maintain. The crystal-clear glass pane allows for very good use of the light and does not create the so-called “dirty curtains effect.”