The advantages of modern VINYL-ALU windows:


  • easy to care, use and maintain
  • healthy
  • resistant to weather conditions
  • effectively mute noise
  • extremely durable
  • heat-insulating and energy-saving
  • ecological, fully recyclable

Windows are a very important component of your home. Excellent quality of the products we offer you today, guarantee not only safety, reliability, but also will let you for years to enjoy resistance to weather conditions.


Using the modern PVC-ALU systems, we can provide each of our Clients with quite unique appearance of his/her windows, while maintaining the best thermal insulation properties. Considering the above, your home can now really remain warm and quiet.

The use of aluminium overlays on the PVC profiles combines the advantages of the PVC-ALU systems. Thanks to the almost rectangular geometry of the overlays, we can achieve the ever more popular modern look of the system. The aluminium overlay additionally stiffens the profile, thanks to which the windows are very functional. The decisive advantage of the aluminium overlays is the vast range of design options in both, residential and industrial construction, while the full colour range of the overlays will allow you to easily match the windows DESIGN to the design of your home. That is why each of our Clients can choose his/her colour from the entire RAL palette, in matt as well as in high gloss versions. We can also provide other colours in an unlimited diversity.