Meet our screens



Screens are an anti-illumination and indoor temperature-raising solution. When the sun’s rays reach the surface of the screens, some of them are reflected and the rest are absorbed and dissipated. The material does not let glaring light, as well as UV rays, and due to its use the temperature inside can be even several degrees lower than inside.






They are made of fiberglass coated with PVC structure. Screens, together with the box and guides, are mounted on the outside of buildings. Flush-mounted boxes are available in two sizes: 105 mm and 125 mm, adaptive (visible) in three: 95 mm, 105 mm and 125 mm, and variants:


  • square (at a 90° angle),
  • with bent face (at an angle of 45°)
  • oval

The flush box gives the possibility to hide more than half of the guide in the wall, which significantly affects not only the functional aspect, but also the visual one.

The maximum dimensions of the systems for both variants are up to 6 m wide and 5 m high. The total area must not exceed 18 m². For larger structures, it is possible to divide the screens and use special posts.

Depending on the selected motor, the mechanism can be controlled with a wall button or wirelessly (via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). There is also a version with a solar panel that provides self-charging of the mechanism, without the need to install additional components. Material with a zipper in the guides, making them more airtight and resistant to the elements.


The solution is available in three variants:


  • Basic (translucency of 1, 3, 5 or 10%)
  • Lunar (0% translucency)
  • Solar (3% translucency)


Lunar and Solar variants have the function of completely darkening the room, as well as remove moisture.


Other advantages include easy installation and removal, as well as servicing and maintenance, for which all that is needed is a soft brush or sponge and clean water. When stubborn stains appear, you can use soap (without oils or fragrances) dissolved in water at 20 – 40 °C. Clean the fabric completely lowered, so as not to damage the fibers, and then dry in the open air.

Roller blind fabric, boxes and guides are available in a variety of RAL colors. It is also possible to use different colors of fabric on each side.


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