Manufacturer of premium products made out of PVC, aluminium and wood. High quality since 1969. Windows, doors and facades from Europe.
Manufacturer of High Quality Products
IBS 2024, Las Vegas - Winner
Over 55 Years of Experience


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Over 50 years
of tradition!

Bertrand have been building
up their brand since 1969.
In that time we have quenched the dreams of our numerous customers in Poland, Europe and worldwide. Bertrand is a renowned manufacturer of windows, doors and curtain walls.

We are very proud to have earned the respect of investors in a variety of sectors: residential, commercial, historical restoration, and even the most demanding field of passive and energy efficient architecture.

We have extensive, many years of knowledge. We have the huge and unique know-how. All this means that we know how to make unique, good products. It's the unique quality you can choose.

Bertrand. The unique you choose



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Our products are characterized by the highest quality, confirmed by certificates.
The company uses modern technologies for the production of woodwork and uses a wide range of materials: various types of wood, uPVC and aluminum profile systems, as well as wood-aluminum and uPVC-aluminum materials.

Bertrand Catalogues

We invite you to browse and download our catalogues. It allows you to familiarize yourself with our offer. You can check the offers of our current products, compare the colors of veneers and match the perfect materials.