Best of IBS 2024 winner in the category Best Home Technology Product!


Windows that become a source of safe space heating? Advanced technology that allows you to maintain a unique design?


Introducing Infratherm, a solution that allows you to turn any window into one that will provide your interiors with heating without the need for other additional methods.


How is this possible? The mechanism is based on infrared, which is used to heat the inner pane of glass. Thanks to a special coating, the heat is reflected inside the room.




Advantages of Infratherm technology



  • heat without the need for CO2 installation
  • safe, inaccessible heating coating
  • invisible, integrated system to fit any solution
  • reduced operating costs due to lower energy consumption
  • technology compatible with home automation systems
  • no cold wall effect and no cold coming from the windows
  • application possible in all Bertrand products
  • allergy-safe solution due to reduction of dust floating effect
  • solution to the problem of condensation on the surface of the glass








Infratherm technical data





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We also encourage you to read the article about Infratherm on our blog.



MB79N window with Infratherm Technology at IBS 2024