When we think of space heating, the first association is primarily with standard methods – radiators, heaters or underfloor heating. However, there is a modern, clean, safe and most importantly – an extremely effective solution that is also completely invisible. We are talking about the INFRATHERM system, thanks to which the source of heat can become… windows.


How does it work? The whole mechanism is based on infrared, which is used to heat the inner pane. Thanks to a special coating, heat is reflected to the center of the room. Heating windows are powered by electricity, however, the costs associated with their use are not as high as with standard electric heating, due to the low energy consumption.



– Compared to other electric systems, heating windows are the cheapest of all – emphasizes Mr. Wolfgang, who has been a heating window user for almost 6 years. – This is a very healthy method – heat is obtained in the same way the sun heats the earth. Infrared used in it is also used in medicine and sports.


Heating windows are also a safe solution for allergy sufferers. Thanks to the fact that heat is emitted directly from the glass, there is no dust floating phenomenon typical of, for example, floor systems. The heating process also does not emit any substances or smoke. The heating coating is inaccessible from the outside, so there is no possibility of burns (the glass heats up to a temperature of approx. 60 °C).


Another important aspect is that the heating of the room through this type of window runs evenly – heat is distributed regularly, over the entire surface, there is no clear difference depending on the height, and on top of that the effect of a cold wall or the glass itself is eliminated.

– Use is very simple – in each room, where there are heating windows, there is a thermostat, with which we regulate the temperature – Mr. Wolfgang further explains. – An additional advantage is that there are no fixed costs typical of other heating systems, such as the need to buy fuel, pay for service or chimney sweep services.


As we have already mentioned – whether the windows have heating technology or not cannot be verified with the naked eye. The windows remain fully transparent. This system can be used in all Bertrand products, and has the added advantage of, among other things, nullifying the phenomenon of condensation on the surface of the glass or snow on hard-to-reach areas (when using additional heating from the outside). This allows natural light to maximally illuminate interiors almost all year round.


The operation of the heating windows can be tested, among other things, in the house for rent, visible in the photo, located in Zalakowo (near Sierakowice)