The BERTRAND new solution.


Are you after the consistent appearance of your windows, shutters, doors and garage doors?


With BERTRAND you can create sets of products in one, currently fashionable colour, e.g. DB703.


DB703 – quite unique looking colour. A trendy graphite hue, in which a delicate silver weight seems to be “immersed.”

SHUTTERS RS 41 SW in a colour you choose.


The model RS 41 SW has a sizable panel width 13964in (41 mm) and a narrow nominal thickness 516in (8.0 mm) and is best suited for small roller shutter boxes (diameter Ø 62764in (163 mm) with a cover height of 982764in (2500 mm)). The shutter slat is extremely durable and has a low weight 0lb 12.12512oz / ft² (3.7kg/m²), meets the wind load resistance class 2, and hail resistance class 4 hail with a width of elements of up to 118764in (3000 mm).




  • Width of panels 13964in (41 mm)
  • max width/height: 1375164in / 1375164in (3500 mm/3500 mm)
  • max surface area 75.35 ft² (7.0 m²)
  • shield weight: 0lb 12.12512oz / ft² (3.7kg/m²)
  • resistance to wind class 2 with elements width of up to 118764in (3000 mm)
  • optimized sound insulation: +10db
  • high durability due to resistant housing and filling.
  • possible improvement of thermal parameters even up to 42%
  • hail resistance class 4




  • weather-resistant surface, coated with two layers of paint
  • a large selection of colours to match windows, doors and garage doors