Our façade systems are used to fabricate glass façades of buildings such as banks, hotels, administration offices, office buildings, car showrooms, gyms, etc. They are also used for multiple spatial structures and roof glazing that light the interior and create a suitable atmosphere and comfort to its users. They are an excellent tool for shaping contemporary architecture and implementing designers’ bold visions. The most popular among these products are the mullion-transom systems. BERTRAND”s façade solutions include also a range of products of various design and appearance, including a bunch of individual solutions.





The MB-SR50N EFEKT system is used for the construction of lightweight curtain walls of a hanging and filling type as well as roofs, skylights and other spatial constructions.

Its supporting structure is based on a modern and tried-and-tested mullion and transom aluminum system MB-SR50N, which provides a wide range of profiles to choose from and the possibility of selecting sections so that the surface of mullions and transoms is flush with the internal side of façade, and thus its aesthetic joint with development elements inside the building is ensured. It also ensures compatibility with other constructions based on the wide range of products offered by BERTRAND.

fasada MBSR50N efekt