Beautiful, extremely airtight and easy to use. Such is the modern sliding system Smoovio, which you can find in our offer. It is really worth taking a closer look at them. See for yourself why.


It is worth starting with what the BERTRAND SMOOVIO system really is. – It is a sliding window system that gives you the possibility to make large-scale structures – says our Premium Customer Advisor, Robert Zwara. – The system was created from scratch – both the profile and the hardware. Thanks to such a procedure, the system, in addition to its utility qualities – all it takes is a turn of the handle and the sash is ready to slide – is characterized by sensational thermal parameters, moreover, special strikers, which are placed on the post, give high tightness and increase safety – emphasizes Our Advisor.


(Smoovio installed at one of our clients from near Wejherowo)


Smoovio is an innovative, designer and, above all, very convenient solution. – Its design allows the threshold to be partially sunk into the floor, which translates into convenience in use – emphasizes Robert Zwara.




Sliding systems, increasingly common, are also very practical. Having conventional windows and doors when arranging an apartment, it is necessary to take into account the opening zone of the leaf. With sliding systems, on the other hand, we can use the space directly under the window. This gives us even more valuable free space in our interior.


But Smoovio is not only unique in design and space-saving in our home. It is also exceptionally airtight. In previous sliding systems, comfortable operation often went hand in hand with poor tightness. This is changing, because thanks to the innovative closing mechanism in the new SMOOVIO sliding system, possible leaks have been completely eliminated. The unique properties of the new sliding system are the result of a synergistic combination of such elements as the new design of the hardware elements, innovative profile geometry and the well-thought-out shape of the seals.


It is these seals that – colloquially speaking – “do the job”. They are very precisely tailored, so that when the door is closed, they provide the highest level of sealing and protection from the weather. Intelligent components do their job precisely while remaining invisible to the eye. Special roller systems and a unique closing mechanism ensure both smooth sliding and the high level of sealing. They are perfect for use in Poland, but also in places where it is cold or there are various atmospheric phenomena – such as sandstorms.


– Importantly, thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, the Smoovio sliding system is extremely durable and weatherproof.- It is also available in a very wide range of colors – emphasizes Robert Zwara.- Combined with its modern design and smooth and lightweight operation, it is a frequently chosen solution, says our colleague.



– comfortable installation

– space saving

– convenience

– protection from wind

– waterproofness

– high thermal insulation

– high acoustic insulation

– design


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