Get to know our PSK tilt and slide doors




The PSK terrace system is a tilt and slide doors in which one sash is fixed and the other is movable.


The hardware mechanism makes the movable sash first tilt, then slide away, and then slide along the guide, which is located at the bottom of the structure. The tilting of windows in the PSK system works in the same way as in traditional windows, which is a convenient and very easy-to-use solution.


When the door is closed, the fixed and sliding sashes form a straight line. The rail on which the moving part of the PSK door slides is mounted in the frame.

Advantages of the PSK system:


  • affordable price
  • convenient operation
  • opening doors in such a way that they do not take up additional space in the room
  • possibility of large glazing – area of a single terrace system up to 8 m²
  • convenient exit to the terrace or garden due to the width of up to 5.3 ft


An alternative to standard balcony doors


With the PSK system, you can save the space that standard balcony doors take up. The sash can be both tilted and slid in both directions.The advantage of sliding doors also lies in the fact that they do not slam shut in strong winds or as a result of draught.


Bertrand offers this type of solution in all technologies (PVC, wood, aluminum, wood-aluminum). The color scheme, as in accordion systems, is selected to suit the individual tastes of the user.


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