A novel facade system amalgamating the characteristics and functionality of two realms within a singular end product: thoughtful design and human well-being; accuracy, durability, and energy efficiency.


  • High Performance,
  • Endurance,
  • Adaptability,
  • Expert workmanship,
  • Quick & easy fitting
  • Sustainability


As the outer “skin” of a structure, the facade holds pivotal significance, impacting both the physical integrity of the building and its overall performance. Engineered with longevity as a primary consideration, our unitized facade system integrates extruded aluminum profiles as a robust frame, complemented by an exterior aluminum cladding that offers exceptional resilience against variable weather conditions. Additionally, it features a solid wood interior, serving not only for its visual appeal but also to augment indoor acoustics and thermal insulation, enhancing overall comfort levels.



Two-step mounting process
Wood for structure & function
Variety of colours & finishes
Partially recycled & recyclable