Beauty in simplicity


SlimWall 35 is a slender facade system that combines elegant aesthetics with passive-building-level performance, even through two stories. Create wide-open views that will last a lifetime.




Technical details:


Weight Glass – Max 992 lbs


Minimalist design and creative freedom
A safe and secure solution


Slim facade system with a minimalist, elegant design and excellent technical performance. Customizable and selectable from 450 available finishes and colors.


It gets its name from its 30% narrower-than-ever mullions and transoms with a width of just 35 mm. Despite its filigree design, SlimWall 35 features high thermal insulation, burglar protection or resistance to external factors.


An additional advantage is its compatibility with the Hifinity sliding door system, allowing the creation of large, aesthetically consistent compositions.





Thermal insulation – Ucw0.8 W/m²K


Air tightnessAE – 1200 (1200Pa)


Water tightness – RE1200 (1200 Pa)


Wind load resistance – Class A5 (2000Pa)


Burglar resistance – RC2


Impact resistance – I5/E5



Clip on cover cap
Choose the look that fits your project.
Solar Shading
Options for passive cooling.
Concealed Drainage
No more plastic cover caps, enjoy those clean lines.