SlimPatio 68



SlimPatio 68 is our highly insulated, ultra-slim sliding system that takes comfort and style to the next level. Thanks to their minimalistic design, the premium sliding windows ensure maximum daylight entrance and optimal panoramic views.



  • Minimalist design, maximises daylight entrance
  • Selection of opening types to complement any project
  • Concealed frame best suited for new builds


Panoramic view and comfort


Slim Patio 68 is a highly insulated sliding system with narrow profiles and a concealed frame, combining functionality with elegance. Thanks to its extremely narrow profiles, it allows maximum access to natural light and provides panoramic views. Thanks to its technological advancement, it guarantees very good wind- and water-tightness, as well as thermal insulation parameters, in accordance with the highest standards.


The SlimPatio 68 system gives you design freedom and allows you to create modern spaces where access to light is combined with the utmost comfort.

Narrow center lock
Reduce the visible profile line where it matters most.
Low threshold
Easy access, neat look.
Better water drainage, without additional obstacles.
Concealed drainage
Koniec z plastikowymi zaślepkami, ciesz się czystym designem.
Safety can go hand in hand with beauty.

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