Light, Elegance and Comfort


The SLIMLINE 38 system features:


  • Thermal insulation – Uf: 1.9 W/m²K
  • Thermal insulation – Uw: 0.96 W/m²K
  • Air tightness: Class 4 (600Pa)
  • Water tightness: Class 9A (600Pa)
  • Wind load resistance: Class C4 (1600Pa)
  • Burglar resistance: PAS 24RC2
  • Acoustics – 45(-1;-5) dB
  • Min. height: 23.6 in.
  • Max. height: 9 ft. 10 in.
  • Min. width: 17.7 in.
  • Max. width: 3 ft. 11 in.
  • Max. weight: 170 kg

A comfortable home is one of the advantages from using the SlimLine 38 system. Thermal insulation and air infiltration are key parameters in maintaining a balanced climate inside.


The sleek appearance of the SlimLine 38 high-insulation system makes it an ideal choice for modern projects. Refined over time, these durable aluminum windows provide endless design possibilities with their numerous minimalist options.


  • Slim steel-look design in a variety of styles


  • Futureproof and durable window solution


  • Crisp, high-quality finishing in every detail



Personalise SlimLine 38 with the following options.

Concealed Hinges
The details are the design, concealed hinges are the finishing touch.
Concealed Drainage
No more plastic cover caps, enjoy those clean lines.
Enjoy cool summer evenings, without losing sleep.
Safety can equal beauty.
Glass Corner
Glass to glass connection without profiles obstructing the view



Unlimited design possibilities without compromise or impact on parameters.