Sliding, aluminum window


The MB SLIDE system features:


  • excellent sound insulation
  • low heat transfer coefficient
  • height up to 8ft 6.36 in
  • width up to 5ft 10.87 in
  • 2-or 3-rail frames
  • maximally simplified construction technology



  • Type: Sliding glass door
  • SHGC: 0,15 – 0,45
  • U-factor: 0,39
  • VT: 0,27 – 0,59





The MB SLIDE have been designed to meet the needs of users with its easy to operate functions and single or double sliding doors and windows that offer flexibility for variety of project applications. They are suitable for installation in masonry wall and aluminum facades. They can also be used as part of winter gardens and commercial windows.

This sliding door systems offer a wide range of space arrangement possibilities with maximum dimensions of leaves: H: 8ft 6.36 in, L: 5ft 10.87 in, max. weight 160 kg. There are available different constructional variants from 2 to 6 modules. They may be fitted with glazing sets up to 1.02 in   wide. These constructions also ensure very good technical parameters: plastic thermal breaks guarantee suitable thermal insulation of aluminium profiles, while sliding brush gaskets or gaskets made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE, combined with EPDM closing and glazing gaskets, enable obtaining high tightness of the construction.
Constructional depth of leaf profiles is 1.46 in and of frames 1.97 in for double track frames and 3.82 in for triple-track frames.