The MB-86N Pivot Door stands as an external architectural feature, notable for its impressive size and unconventional design. Its off-center rotation axis lends it a distinctive appearance, while the concealed hinges ensure robust load-bearing capabilities. Such structures are favored by architects, particularly for projects emphasizing large-scale dimensions and innovative design elements. Pivot doors are ideal for creating a striking entrance, serving as a focal point of a building’s façade.


MB-86N Pivot Doors present a bold departure from traditional profiled, sliding, or bifold door systems. This system allows for the creation of paneled and glazed doors that excel in thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as air- and watertightness, meeting standards for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Notably, it offers a customizable locking mechanism with options for one- or two-latch configurations.

System features:


  • large-scale leaves measuring up to 2 m wide and 3.4 m high


  • off-center pivot


  • leaves or glazed insulating units up to 60 mm thick


  • concealed bearing hinges with a load capacity of up to 500 kg


  • three thermal construction variants, the ST, the SI, and the SI+


  • locked by means of alternating strips on the leaf and frame


  • the bottom is sealed using a drop seal


  • the low, 20 mm threshold can be fully built in, obtaining a ‘zero threshold’ effect with the possibility of draining water to the outside


  • linear drainage can be installed


  • quick and efficient leaf installation and uninstallation


  • the solution is based on MB-86N system profiles


  • the Pivot threshold can be used as a ‘zero threshold’ with the regular MB-86N system door solutions


Maximum leaf dimensions – 2,0 x 3,4 m


Airtightness – class 3, EN 12207


Watertightness – class 3B, EN 12208


Wind load resistance – class C3, EN 12210


Thermal insulation – UD from 0.73 (W/m2K)*

*For paneled MB-86N Pivot Doors with leaves measuring 2000×2180 mm

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