Modern aluminum system with narrow profiles.


The MB 86 system features:


  • modern design
  • wide thermal breaks with a new shape
  • two-component central gasket
  • airgel insulation – a material with excellent thermal insulation properties
  • a wide range of glazing allows the use of all types of the glass panes
  • advanced technological solutions



  • Type: Casement window
  • SHGC: 0,09 – 0,31
  • U-factor: 0,25 – 0,35
  • VT: 0,16 – 0,39
  • Maximum height: 10 ft.

Window and door system with very good parameters, providing means to meet various needs of the users. The structure of its sections has 3 variants, depending on the requirements of the thermal energy savings: ST, SI and AERO.


MB-86 is the world’s first aluminium windows and doors system which uses airgel – a material with excellent thermal insulation properties.


The advantages of the MB-86 system also include excellent durability of the profiles, enabling the construction of large size and heavy weight structures. There is also available a version of the window MB-86US with a hidden sash.

Window MB 86 with excellent thermal insulation

Window in the MB 86 system may also be available in versions:



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