The MB-77HS “Lift & Slide” door product is an ideal solution for connecting interior space rooms or conservatories with the outside balcony, terrace or garden area.

Available in two different options, with regard to the level of thermal performance, the MB-77HS is further categorised as “ST” and “HI”, standard or highly insulated. The design & arrangement of the system profiles enable luxurious openings of large dimensions, accommodating double & even triple glass unit compositions, which in conjunction with the constituent parts & innovative technical solutions, help achieve a high level of thermal & acoustic performance.

Due to the system properties, & rigorous performance proven through a stringent testing regime, the MB-77HS is ideally suited to many domestic & retail applications, providing a comfortable, safe working, cost effective & low maintenance solution for the end user.



  • Type: Lift and slide
  • SHGC: 0,13 – 0,47
  • U-factor: 0,24 – 0,35
  • VT: 0,24 – 0,61
  • Maximum height: 11 ft.

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  • the slender, durable profile makes it possible to build a low-threshold door with a leaf weight of up to 600 kg, a height of up to 10ft 7.56 in and a width of up to 10ft 9.92 in
  • a solution featuring a narrow mullion is available. The visible width of the profiles at the point where the door leaves meet is a mere 1.87 or 1.97 in
  • 90- and 270-degree corner doors with a movable mullion can be produced
  • there is a wide range of infills, including single- or double-glazed units, as well as thermal breaks, additional accessories and insulating inserts, making it possible to achieve excellent thermal and acoustic performance
  • three types of glazing beads are available, the rectangular Standard, the rounded Prestige and the diamond-shaped Style
  • the closed shape of the glazing beads and the break-in prevention details make it possible to obtain increased burglary resistant properties without changing the door’s fundamental construction elements
  • the tailored shapes of the stop seals and glazing gaskets, together with the appropriate hardware, ensure high air- and watertightness
  • the profiles are designed to allow a great many of the manual and automatic locking devices available on the market to be installed
  • the Comfort Close mechanism available with the system provides user safety, even with large, heavy doors
  • the MB-77HS features a high level of compatibility with MB-86 system. This means that the door can be aesthetically combined with MB-86 windows. In addition, some of the same parts can be used to produce both types of structure
  • A profile compensating for the results of slab drift by up to  0.79 in and making it possible to adjust the level of the upper frame is available for the door
  • the wide range of colours means that the door can be used freely in the composition of any interior or exterior décor
  • the frames are available in two variants, twin-track and triple-track
  • convenient solutions featuring a low threshold or a flat one, laid flush with the patio or balcony

Technical drawings

  • Frame depth: 6.85 in (2-rail profile), 10.67 in (3-rail profile)
  • Casement depth: 3.03 in
  • Glazing thickness: 0.53 – 2.3 in