A modular system – freedom for designers


Lara GF is a curtain wall system that is ideal for large, multi story, heavily-subdivided glass areas. It can be used for complex glass roofs in the same way as classical winter garden construction.


By incorporating an exceptionally efficient insulating material, a smart approach is adopted in the intricate design of passive house facades. This cutting-edge system provides architects, contractors, and property owners with extensive creative flexibility while maintaining top-notch technical standards.

Introducing a revolutionary glazing system designed to enhance simplicity and functionality in facade construction. Our system seamlessly integrates with simple rectangular laminated timber or approved microlaminated wood, ensuring maximum tightness even in areas with multiple glass divisions.


With the ability to accommodate glass thickness ranging from 9 mm to 64 mm, architects and planners enjoy unparalleled design flexibility. Available in various face widths of 50 mm, 60 mm, and 80 mm, our system caters to diverse architectural needs. Additionally, for projects demanding the utmost elegance, our system is offered in architectural bronze, elevating architectural aesthetics to new heights.



Water tightness
Wind load
1500Pa / 2250Pa
Sound insulation
up to Rw 49 dB
Burglar resistance

1 Restrai­ning thick­ness: 48 mm with screw

2 Ug value: 0,5 W/m2K | Glass spa­cer: Swis­s­pa­cer Ul­ti­ma­te