The Kombisystem Plus window features:


  • U Factor (summer) IP from: 0.1357 Btu/hft2F
  • U Factor (metric) IP from: 0,77 W/m2K
  • Soundproofing: to 48 dB
  • system depth 3 1/4 in (metric – 82,5 mm)
  • passive standard
  • 6 chambers system
  • increased static due to the STV*
  • excellent sound insulation thanks to additional gasket
  • available in various color options
  • acrylcolor technology
  • middle gasket, 3 sealing layers
  • 6-chamber system
  • system depth 3 1/4 in (metric – 82,5 mm)
  • central gasket, 3 sealing layers

In the co-extrusion process, the white PVC backing is permanently unified with the coloured acrylic glass. As a result, created is the profile, which on the outside has an elegant, smooth, satin surface resistant to weather conditions.


Thanks to the windows using the acrylcolor profiles, extravagant ideas of designers or regional colour requirements can be met in 100%. The full palette contains all shades, from elegant white to modern silver. All the acrylcolor profiles are colour-fast and have the RAL approval.


Resistance to scratches.

The high-quality acrylcolor profile surface is extremely durable and resistant to changes occurring over time. Due to the above, windows made of the acrylcolor profiles constitute one of the most resistant building materials. The acrylcolor coating is roughly 0.5mm thicker than the standard varnish layer, so using an ordinary cleaning materials you can easily remove any scratches.


Colour durability.

Acrylic glass is known for its colour fastness and resistance to fading.


Resistance to extreme weather conditions.

As part of a building façade, the window profiles are subjected to continuous exposure to sun and other weather conditions. They are also exposed to mechanical damage. In order for a window to maintain its impeccable appearance over the years, you need the window profiles resistant to these factors. Choosing the windows with acrylcolor profiles you are making the right choice. Over the years, acrylic glass has repeatedly confirmed its durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions, since it is being used in millions of the rear car lamps. The windows made of acrylcolor profiles are durable and solid, and they remain beautiful even in extreme climate conditions.

Easy care.


Thanks to the smooth, pore-free surface, the acrylcolor windows are most user-friendly and practically do not require any care. Perfectly smooth, matt surface prevents the accumulation of dust.


High stability and innovative construction of sash with the innovative STV® technology (dry gluing of a glass pane).