A modern system dedicated to windows, doors and lift-and-slide doors that offers two or three levels of sealing.



Large doors elements can be moved with ease with our technology. It does not matter whether the doors is open or closed. Either way, the room is flooded with light. And the virtually thresold – free floor junction further off-sets the separation between the interior and exterior.





Bertrand has a very special technical solutions for you. Its visible width in the fixed section is more than 50 % smaller tha the normal lift- slide slash.



  • Excellent heat and sound insulation because of  the six-chamber design and large installation depth for the frame and sash,


  • Suitable for triple functional glazing (maximum thickness of 52 mm,


  • Enhanced statics optimised for the use of STV® for dry bonding the pane and sash upstand,


  • Intelligent sealing concept with up to three end-to-end sealing level,


  • Narrow visible width and 15° incline as a design feature,



  • SHGC: 0,12 – 0,43
  • U-factor: 0,17 – 0,27
  • VT: 0,22 – 0,52



Kombisystem HST is:


  • Increased burglary protection thanks to a system with a stable center seal, including an anti-burglary fin that effectively protects against external factors


  • Excellent thermal insulation at Uf = 0.92 W/m²K using standard steel reinforcements, thus meeting the passive standard. This was made possible by combining innovative details in the design process


  • The ability to construct large window elements in color. Thanks to the bonding technology, it gains such qualities as safety of use and stability

The solutions are available in various finishing variants, including the proven acrylcolor® surface technology and a wide range of colors as standard and thanks to decorative foils.


Additional shades and textures are also available depending on your needs.


Learn more about colours here.