Concept Patio 155


Concept Patio 155 is a high-quality slide system enables large glass areas with excellent insulating properties. Easy to integrate, the all-round aluminium sliding doors neatly combine with the CS 77 products.


  • Enables large elements in a variety of opening types.
  • Burglarproof and even hurricaneproof variants available
  • Fixed glass panels up to 1500kg




  • Thermal insulation – Uf: 1.1 W/m²K
  • Thermal insulation – Uw: 0.9 W/m²K
  • Sound insulation – Rw(C;Ctr): 40(0;-2) dB
  • Anti-burglary class: RC2
  • Maximum sash weight: approx. 661 lbs
  • Maximum sash height: approx. 9.85 ft



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Concealed Drainage: No more plastic cover caps, enjoy those clean lines.

Gutter: Better water performance, without adding thresholds.

Low Threshold: Easy access, cleaner look.

Flyscreen: Enjoy cool summer evenings, without losing sleep.

Balustrade: Safety can equal beauty.

Motorised: Comfortable to use, even remotely.

Access Control: Making your home smart and connected.

Glass Corner: Glass to glass connection without profiles obstructing the view

Slim Chicane: Increasing the transparency of the window where it is most visible.

Zero Threshold: Entrance without boundaries, even with continuous flooring.

Softclose: Combines safety and comfort.