The COR Vision sliding door system with a thermal break combines elegant design and functionality. Designed for maximum interior lighting, this system uses a minimal visible aluminum cross-section, allowing for a larger glazed area.


The elegant appearance of the system is the result of combining large window openings with subtle frames that constitute only 9-14% of the entire construction.

  • Combination of large window openings and small frames, constituting only 9-14%


  • Mullion width: central 20 mm, side 77 mm, bottom, and top 57 mm


  • Capability to join sashes at a 90-degree angle without a corner mullion


  • Hidden track in the glazing area in a single-track version


  • Capability to hide sashes in building wall chambers


  • Capability to hide the frame, allowing for doors with 1/2 hidden sashes


  • Sliding configurations: 2, 3, 4, and 6 sashes
Uw from 1.3 (W/m²K)
Rw = 41 dB
Air permeability: (EN 12207): CLASS 4
Water tightness: (EN 12208): CLASS 7A
Wind load resistance: (EN 12210): CLASS C5
Maximum sash dimensions: L 1500mm, H 3000mm
Maximum sash weight: 320 kg