Sliding door system with high thermal insulation parameters, and with a very narrow frame at the wings joint.



  • Thanks to our use of modern, narrowest frames, more natural light will enter your home.


  • Following the current architectural trends, our Artline design will be the true embellishment of your home.


  • The clean, minimalistic design gives the ARTLINE windows their light and harmonious look.


ARTLINE window is really a work of art, which in an elegant way merges surroundings with the interior of a building, and offers users top quality solutions, together with the feeling of lightness and comfort. This product is the result of a conscious effort, the aim of which was to create an object of art combining the excellent functional and aesthetic qualities. ARTLINE constitutes the embodiment of contemporary architecture – it merges the creative approach to design, the unique effect encompassing the whole building, and the one of a kind impact on a user.


The impression of the extraordinary simplicity and lightness of the ARTLINE window was achieved in the process of special attention paid by its creators to the mutual interactions of glass, fully-glazed windows and the sophisticated lighting; it is also the result of creating the thoroughly thought through concept of an architectural space along the idea that LIGHT IS MORE. The clean, minimalistic design gives the ARTLINE windows their light and harmonious look, even in the cases of the large-sized glazing both, solid and sliding.


An ARTLINE window may perform many different functions, so it very well fits numerous applications. Transparent glass external walls can be easily opened and closed, so that whatever is on the outside creates an entirety with the interior of a building. Each sash may carry a load of up to 450kg, which allows the use of large and heavy glass panels. The height of ARTLINE windows may reach up to 113164ft (metric: 3.5 metres). With the huge size windows in combination with the minimum width of the visible frame, interiors of buildings can be literally flooded with light.


In the state-of-the-art aluminium structure of the ARTLINE windows, the optimal thermal and acoustic insulation solutions have been applied. The windows have a high resistance to adverse weather conditions, as well as the anti-burglary WK2 solutions. Thanks to the modern technologies, the ARTLINE frames achieve the best performance parameters:


  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Transparency (98%)
  • Thermal insulation: *
  • U Factor (summer) IP from: 0.1498 Btu/hft2F
  • U Factor (metric) IP from: 0.85 W/m2K
  • Water tightness (EN 12207): E750
  • Air permeability (EN12208): Class 4
  • Resistance to wind (EN 12210): Class 3


* Ug = 0.1234 Btu/hft2F (0,7 W/m2K), element dimensions 1573164in x 1022364in (metric: 4000 x 2600 mm)