The ALUTREND QUADRAT FB window features:


  • rectangular shapes, sash overlay flush with the casing overlay
  • depth of the structure up to 4 164 in (metric – 102 mm)
  • system with the three depths, Standard, XL, MAX
  • three or four glass pane glazing
  • 3 sealing layers
  • anti-burglary protection
  • inner side: Standard or Qube
  • modern and durable aluminium overlay


System Alutrend Quadrat FB is also available in the wider version with the sash 4 164 in deep (AlutrendQuadrat FB MAX), 3 564 in deep (Alutrend Quadrat FB XL), 24364in deep (Alutrend Quadrat FB) and the version with an angular finish of the inner sash batten (Alutrend Quadrat FB).


All versions of the Alutrend Quadrat FB system can be additionally equipped with a special thermal insert, which improves the heat transfer coefficient (version THERMO.)



We have a wide range of colours for the transparent finishing of wood as well as the standard RAL or NCS colours (opaque colours.) The use of transparent or semi-transparent finish significantly enhances the natural beauty of wood.



The aluminium on the outside can be powder painted in any colour of the standard RAL palette both, in structural coatings and in wood imitation coatings. Wood-aluminium windows on the inside are painted in the wooden windows colour palette. In addition to the imitation of wood we can offer imitations of bronze, patina, steel and rust.