Vinyl windows and doors colors palette




Acrylcolor: is not a painted coating or a laminate – is a co-extrusion of two molten materials – is approximately 0.5 mm thicker than a single layer of paint

– is scratchproof and durable – is inseparably fused with the profile – is resistant to flaking and chipping – is easy-care and low maintenance. Note! Colour code similar to RAL:

Standard colours for system

Standard colours for system

Extended colour palette available on request.

Vinyl painting


Vinyl painting with highly durable metallic colours. The special Anti-Heat coating reduces solar energy absorption to prevent overheating of window and door profiles.

The technology we use allows you to paint in any color from the standard RAL, NCS, DB palette in structural and smooth coatings.

Vinyl painting

Foils colours


Modern DB 703 foil – available in all Vinyl systems

Trio California Series systems foils colors


Trio California Series 82 and 83