Advantages of wood


Wood is a natural raw material, known and appreciated by human from the dawn of time.It is the most traditional and warm material, which, due to its rich colors, will fit into any interior.


Different types of woods


Our offer includes windows made of various types of wood, such as: pine, oak, sapeli, meranti, Siberian larch and others depending on customer requirements.


Due to the use of modern technologies of wood preparation and processing, we were able to bring out the most important advantages of this material and obtain woodwork with a high degree of durability and functionality, ensuring comfort and safety for its users.


Wood finishing methods affect not only their durability, but the appearance of products made of it as well.


We approach each window with the greatest diligence, taking care of every detail, which is why in our offer you will find variety of window finishing methods, including:



Wood brushing: this method consists of aging the wood using a wire brush mounted on the grinder. With its help, we remove the soft parts of plant tissues, and give the surface a clear texture and emphasize the grain pattern, while obtaining a unique look.

Wood oiling:  The oil rubbed into the wood surface filters into its structure and in result strenghten it from the inside, but in the same time effectively protects the wood from any external factors. Oils do not form a layer, which positively affects the decorative effect by exposing wood structure (it is sensed under the fingers). Thereby, they give a very natural finish, the wood looks almost raw.