We see the comfort that screens provide, especially when it gets warmer outside and we open windows or balcony doors more often. This solution works not only for buildings located in areas outside cities, but also in houses, city apartments, company headquarters, etc. It protects against insects, strong sun and slightly covers, without taking away full visibility.


Products from this range are particularly appreciated by customers from abroad, and more specifically – the United States. Almost all windows or patio doors that reach the local US market are ordered immediately with screens.


The picture shows the Artline system with a sliding screen


One solution – many possibilities  


Bertrand offers window screens that can be adapted to many different types of doors, including e.g. sliding, folding and hinged folding doors. They can be matched to both, new as well as previously installed windows and doors. Then, depending on the type, you only need to know the size of the window or a wider specificity – this is where Bertrand employees come in handy. Screens are interchangeable, you can choose and put on new ones at any time, more suited to the new design.


– Permanent window screens for standard, larger windows are chosen the most often – explains Cezary Domski, a PVC technologist from Bertrand. – They are put on from the outside and the whole installation takes only a few minutes, which is an advantage. If there is a need to dismantle such a structure, the customer can do it on their own, without damaging it. The second most frequently chosen type of are pleated screens, which can be adapted to windows in very large sizes. They are easy to use and very durable. They can be unfolded as widely as we want and also can be closed on both sides. The third most popular type are sliding screens, which work great when combining a door and a fixed window. Very convenient and practical.



The customer can choose the size, color, method of fastening or any special feature, including a gate for pets. The strongest and most durable PET mesh on the market was used in the sliding window screens. The largest screens can reach dimensions of up to… 9 meters, although these are not commonly ordered. But there is a possibility :)


The offer includes standard and dense weave meshes, basic or hardened, standard and corner. In addition, the customer has the option of choosing meshes in two primary colors (gray and black), several veneers and RAL painting in any color.




An important feature of the screens offered by Bertrand is the ability to completely hide them in the frame, making them practically invisible, and when there is a necessity, they can be easily removed. In addition, due to the balanced load design, it is not necessary to use a manual lock. Window screens and roller shutters do not latch when closed, which allows you to enter and exit the building freely.


It is worth emphasizing that the purchase of a good quality screen is an investment for years, not only for the summer. It’s really worth thinking about.