Acrylcolor® technology is more than 40 years of regularly developed unique method of surface coloring. Thanks to its finishing, windows meet the highest technical and performance requirements. How does it work? A base of white PVC and tinted acrylic glass is fused during coextrusion, a process of combining different layers into one. The resulting acrylcolor® profile surface provides long-lasting protection for the plastic windows. BERTRAND company has had a mutually satisfactory cooperation with GEALAN for many years, jointly realizing high-end solutions.


Profile finished with acrylcolor method// source: GEALAN



What are the other advantages of this method? First and foremost, it is the wide range of colors obtained by combining the acrylcolor coating with hard PVC, thus imparting color without spraying and, in the long run, without chipping or peeling of the paint. Due to the acrylic glass used (used, among others, in the production of car lamps), colors are very durable and resistant to fading, and in addition, thanks to the uniform, smooth, satin surface that prevents dust deposition, the profiles are easy to keep clean. This is an excellent choice for houses built in areas with hot climate. Profiles finished using the acrylcolor method are not subject to such heating as those made of PVC, aluminum or covered with foil, which makes them less susceptible to damage resulting from, for e.g., constant exposure to the sun, weather or the passage of time. Scratches from their surface, on the other hand, can be removed in literally a moment with Mirlon cleaner and a little water.


Acrylcolor® profiles are used in a variety of systems and in all structural depths. They can be part of both modern buildings and those with a long history. In addition, systems are created to meet the requirements of specific countries, including the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain.


Seepark complex in Stuttgart// source: GEALAN



Acrylcolor® technology is highly trusted by window manufacturers, builders and architects. Since the beginning of 2000, more than 80 million meters of profiles have already been sold, 49 milions of them in Germany alone. The coextrusion method is constantly being improved, and new tools are also being developed continuously, as well as research and development work on material compositions.