Crafting a good, and simultaneously aesthetically pleasing window, or sturdy and beautifully crafted doors, is, contrary to appearances, not such a simple matter. Nevertheless, you will find thousands of companies that can do it well.


However, creating a unique product, with dimensions not commonly seen, or with irregular shapes, is an art mastered by few companies. One of them is Bertrand, which is renowned not only in its own country for taking on challenges that even global giants shy away from.


It may sound immodest, but we are truly adept at this. Besides, there is a saying in the Polish carpentry market that speaks volumes. It goes: “If Bertrand cannot do something, then no one can.”


Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often. Bertrand constantly rises to the occasion, undertaking various exceptional projects of varying complexity. Here are a few examples.


An enormous glass facade adorning one of the buildings in the heart of beautiful Gdynia. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Polish seaside – which we sincerely wish for you, extending a warm invitation – as you stroll through the streets of Gdynia, the facade, visible from afar and designed and installed by Bertrand professionals, will surely capture your attention.



Weighing over five hundred kilograms, large doors made according to a proprietary design for a church in Luzino. Designed by a technologist from our company, they are now a true source of pride and a landmark for the city where our company originates. In Luzino, everyone knows perfectly well who crafted these beautiful doors. You won’t find others like them not only in Poland but anywhere else in the world!



A wooden window simulating a double hang? No problem! We showcased this product at trade shows in Las Vegas, and alongside the heating window that won an award, it received equally high praise.



Recently, we had two interesting commissions. The first one—a triangular wooden window with muntins, part of an order comprising over twenty products. Interestingly, each of these windows differed slightly from the others.



The second order came from sunny and stunning Greece. The client envisioned a wooden window in a style reminiscent of the charming island of Santorini. So, what do you say? Shall we get to work?



Or how about this order— the client requested special doors for… a horse. Yes, you read that right. He searched for a long time for a company willing to take on such a task, and eventually, somewhat circuitously, he found his way to Bertrand. He wasn’t expecting miracles, more likely a response along the lines of, “No, we don’t make such things.” Imagine his surprise when he heard the question over the phone: “First, please tell me the dimensions these doors would need to be?” And from there, it was smooth sailing.



Fifty-five years of experience have allowed us to delve into vast knowledge about creating high-quality, diverse products. Therefore, without false modesty, we can say that when it comes to making unique, unconventional products, we are true masters.


If you dream of a window or door made specifically to your specifications, if you’re wondering who can fulfill such a dream, then you no longer need to search. Remember, we are masters of special tasks!