Last weekend in Warsaw there was an event organized for a very noble cause – The Warmest Ride. 150 participants set off on bicycles on a route around the Polish capital covering distances of 50, 200 and 300 km.

The main idea of the event is to support people with various disabilities, as well as to promote physical activity itself. The funds collected are donated to organizations supporting sports development. This year we managed to collect as much as 471,555 zloty!



Why are we writing about this? Because our company was one of the sponsors of this event, and also took an active part in it. Specifically, we are talking about one of the board members, Krzysztof Bertrand, who managed to complete the longest distance available on the route, namely 300 km. Congratulations on the achievement!


Bertrand has been trying to support various initiatives for years. This one is not the only one nor the last – we will keep you updated on everything.



For more information on the rally: Rajd gorących serc (