The best thermal insulation connected with a modern design, that responds to every need – this is MB 79N SI, window and door system from the aluminum range, in which various window and door structures can be made.


– MB 79N SI is our most popular aluminum window and door system because of its versatility – says Olaf Bertrand, director of marketing and export at Bertrand. – The system is very well priced relative to the market and has an excellent quality-to-price ratio, looks very attractive by having the sash flush with the window frame making it look very delicate and windows that open from the outside look almost like fixed windows. The frames of this system are lower than those of PVC and wood systems, so that more light enters the room. In addition, the maximum height of a window sash in this system is as much as 2.7m, so the absolute majority of architecturally advanced projects can be equipped with this solution.


Project with MB 79N SI windows in Sopot


In order to meet the increased requirements of thermal insulation (Uw from 0.64 W/(m2K)), this solution uses profiles equipped with insulating inserts and a two-component central gasket. Other advantages of this solution include a high degree of security due to the possibility of making anti-burglary doors (including panel doors) in classes from RC1 to RC3, excellent watertightness (E 1950) and kinematics that allow the construction of narrow opening windows and doors or the possibility of using concealed hardware without visible hinges.



MB 79N SI provides a wide range of glazing with 2- or 3-glass packages (up to 63 mm thick for windows and 54 mm thick for doors), which makes it possible to use all possible types of glass, including acoustic or anti-burglary glass. The depth of this solution is 79 mm and 70 mm for the window leaf and the door frame and leaf.


– The system is perfectly suited for both residential and commercial construction. MB 79N SI for the more demanding also has a solution with a completely hidden sash in the frame from the outside, – emphasizes Olaf Bertrand. – Such solutions have recently been very popular with our customers. I would also add that Bertrand can offer solutions with a hidden sash also in PVC and wood-aluminum in Kubus and Synergic systems, which I also heartily recommend.


Products in the MB 79N SI system can be configured in any color, according to customer preferences. A wide range of colors is available, some of which are presented below. It is also worth mentioning that the solution has been certified by the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association). More information available here.