KONTUR, a premium PVC system with the option of aluminium overlays, is a combination of reliable functionality and modern design based on simple contours. All this is combined with exceptional burglary protection (hard PVC fin, additional reinforcements of the profile structure) up to RC3 class and the best values of thermal insulation (Uf = 1,0 w/m²K), acoustic and static.


These aspects have been achieved thanks to a special construction, an 82.5 mm installation depth and a center seal or the use of glass of the appropriate thickness with matching gaskets. Increased stability is provided by reinforcements within the whole and the use of gluing STV® technology (static dry glazing) or wet gluing.



The KONTUR system, thanks to its slender profiles, allows for maximum natural illumination of the room, while maintaining safety and stability. Windows made in this technology can be integrated into the body of new buildings as well as those undergoing renovation.


Optionally, the profiles in the KONTUR system can also be made of a combination of PVC and aluminum, and thanks to aluminum overlays in a wide range of RAL colors – become part of aluminum structures. In addition, finishing in an acrylcolor technology, using acrylic glass, will soon be possible.


Profiles made with KONTUR technology are suitable for automated processing at the manufacturer, designed for both modern production lines and automated processing in the field of adhesive technology.


Due to the optimal use of aluminum overlays, the appearance of windows can be designed in many ways. There are two types of overlays – classic and a variant with the sash facing the frame.


It should be emphasized that such a finish is not only aesthetic, but also extremely resistant to weather conditions. The overlays are available in all RAL shades, and in addition, thanks to a wide range of decorative films, it is possible to design colorful window and door profiles. Additional shades and textures are also available upon request.