In our social media, we regularly publish photos or videos of projects in the creation of which Bertrand participated. Here we want to introduce you to some of them, starting with those located in the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship – Gdańsk.


We take our first virtual steps towards the housing development located in Wrzeszcz, which was built on the site of a former brewery. The walls of this stylish location included solutions from the aluminum range: MB-83, MB-70, MB-78, MB-SR50, MB-86, MB-50, and Strongline 92 Master wood windows. As you can see, the whole composed using products in tasteful dark colors looks extremely elegant.



Let’s now move to another location in a historic setting, this time in Gdańsk Oliwa. There, near the well-known and much-visited Oliwa Park, a modern housing development – Opacka – has been built. In this project, we also see numerous aluminum systems, including: MB-70, MB-45, MB-SR50, MB-77. The whole perfectly completes the effect, which can be admired not only by residents, but also by passers-by.



Next, let’s take a look at objects you may have passed more than once while moving around Gdańsk, or more specifically, the Piecki-Migowo district. In this case you have to look quite high, but believe us it is worth it. You will then see the well-known and popular PVC systems, namely Kombisystem and BB Line.



Let’s stay in the modern climate while moving to another district – Wrzeszcz Górny. Not far from the Tricity Landscape Park, there is Villa Jaśkowa Dolina, a tasteful investment involving such products as aluminum facades and PVC windows from the Kombisystem range. Part of this development is still in the construction stage, but it is already safe to say that it will look just as beautiful as the one already completed.



Now we will go to two locations far from the strict center of Gdańsk. The first of these, the AM Projekt, located in a scenic, green area almost right on the waterfront. The structure of these buildings included PVC windows from the Kombisystem range, sectional doors and numerous aluminum doors with a single-sided overlay. These low-rise, aesthetically pleasing buildings create a pleasant, idyllic atmosphere for the area.



Another, the last project in today’s article is the City House. Solutions such as stylish Synergic wood-aluminum windows, all-glass balustrades and BB Alu02 aluminum doors have been incorporated into the structures included in its scope. Kombisystem PVC windows, HST panorama wood-aluminum lift-and-slide doors, and garage doors.



These are just some of the many projects, more can be found in the social media of our company, which we invite you to follow. You can find links to our accounts below: