There are some new products in Bertrand’s offer and we want to introduce them to you, because there are really worthy of attention.


First of them are screens – an externally mounted solution, that protects from direct harsh sunlight indoor. These are available in three variants: Standard, Solar and Lunar, from partial to full blackout of the interior.

The customer can choose the most suitable variant, size and placement of the box, the control method or even the colors of each component of the mechanism, both inside and outside.


For more information, please visit: Screens



Another new addition to our offer are French balconies – glass structures that increase safety and aesthetics where glazing is reduced to the floor, while there is no classic balcony. The glass used in this product is very safe – tempered and laminated. We offer several thicknesses of glazing, and the system itself can be adapted to specific needs.


You can read more about French balconies.



From March 1st, a new stylish facade system SlimWall 35 will be available in our offer. Its name comes from its narrow mullions and transoms, measuring only 35 mm wide. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a functional solution, additionally compatible with Hifinity, a unique sliding door from the aluminum range.


More information coming soon.