We enjoy telling you about our employees and introducing them as often as possible. While reading this text, you will get to know Tatiana, our colleague, an administrative-production specialist, who began her journey with Bertrand company in 2022 in PVC production.


P.S. This time the publication did not entirely come from our hands. A good dose of knowledge about Tatiana was provided by her friend, whose words we have allowed ourselves to quote several times below 😊



Tatiana is originally from Ukraine but has been living in Poland for 7 years. In her professional journey, she has held various positions, including salesperson, warehouse worker, logistics, sales representative, shift leader, and quality control specialist.


From the professional perspective, we know her primarily as a person dealing with various matters related to aluminum products and actively supporting the production director. However, as described by Tatiana’s friend, privately she is a “history enthusiast, active lifestyle fan, and culinary lover.”


Her days start with a visit to the fitness club, where she engages in various activities, taking care of physical fitness and mental health – says Ania, Tatiana’s friend. – She is also no stranger to a passion for the pool, walks, cycling, and even traditional games such as bowling or billiards. Her determination in achieving a balance between work and physical activity deserves recognition.



One of Tatiana’s other passions is exploring historical places or buildings, especially castles. She not only likes to learn about heritage and uncover the secrets of the past but also appreciates the architecture of Victorian era, drawing inspiration from it.


Tatiana is also a lover of the culinary side of life, especially when it comes to dishes from different parts of the world, particularly… sushi.


In developing these interests, Tatiana’s personality plays a significant role. She loves expanding her knowledge and discovering new things, isn’t afraid to take on challenges, and masterfully combines professional and personal life, including aspects related to self-care. Until now, not everyone probably knew that one of our colleague’s interests is… hairstyling, for which she has even completed specialized courses.





In addition to her professional work, Tatiana seems to perfectly combine her interests with a concern for health and beauty. Her approach to self-care includes not only physical but also emotional aspects. Her engagement in various activities, from fitness to hairstyling courses, speaks to her comprehensive approach to care – our informant sums it up.


You now know a bit about Tatiana. If you are curious about our other employees, we invite you to follow our social media profiles and blog publications.