European windows are becoming more and more popular in the US market. Why? You will find out in the following article.

Among the most important aspects that characterize European windows are: high tightness, tilt to the center and micro-ventilation functions, energy efficiency (low U-factor, which translates into lower energy consumption both in summer and winter), soundproofing and protection used, e.g. against weather conditions, burglary, etc. But the visual aspects are also important – the possibility of choosing many styles of window frames from retro to modern filigree and angular shapes.


Speaking of windows exported from Europe, it is impossible not to mention other important advantages, such as,, the use of triple (or sometimes quadruple) glass, which is of great importance for thermal insulation both in winter and summer and increased resistance to condensation thanks to the use of warm inter-pane frames, which BERTRAND offers as standard.


BERTRAND has developed many products with the needs of American customers in mind. The offer has been  introduced, e.g., 4-inch opening limiters, nailing fins added and extruded together with a profile made of uPVC and aluminum, aluminum receptors for the needs of commercial construction and we have introduced to the permanent offer of French door doors with symmetrically seated two door handles from the inside and outside, as well as typical American single and double hang and slide windows. Aluminum overlays have also been modified for our flagship wooden-aluminum window Synergic Alu XL, which has been tested for the needs of NFRC and AAMA certificates.


This is only a part of regularly undertaken activities that allow to adapt even better to the local market.


– We are constantly working on introducing completely new solutions to the needs of the North American markets. One example is the new window system made of wood dedicated to the American market, which takes into account all the advantages of European windows while being characterized by typical American aesthetics and resistance to external factors – emphasizes Olaf Bertrand, Marketing and Export Director at BERTRAND. – Soon we will also introduce a new door structure to our offer. Our flexibility and experience has helped us in the implementation of many unusual constructions, One such example in the United States is also the production of unusual profiles and slats made of wood adapted to the assembly and visual needs of the facility, as exemplified by brickmolds specially adapted to the customer’s wishes for one of the buildings revitalized in the New York area.



– For the purpose of renovating this building, we also adjusted the radii of the window arch based on electronically sent templates by our contractor. It is worth noting that due to the need to adapt to the needs and characteristics of the old building, the radii of the arches in the seemingly same windows of this building differ from each other. The whole project looks really great and is the culmination of our efforts – he adds.


BERTRAND has been looking strategically towards the US market since 2018. Then the company began to proactively mark her presence by actively participating in the NAHB International Builders’ Show organized in Las Vegas and Orlando.


BERTRAND’s company stand at the NAHB International Builders’ Show


– We are glad that our consistent product research, technical, production, commercial and marketing activities associated with feedback from our commercial partners have an impact into an increasingly extensive network of B2B cooperation with our dealers. According to this fact, availability of BERTRAND’s products in the United States of America and Canada becomes constantly bigger for end customers, architects, and developers, so it is easier to have our products in homes – claims Olaf Bertrand. – Our goal is to build nationwide recognition of the BERTRAND brand and develop the reputation of a company known from innovative solutions, advice from experienced estimators and technicians, the highest quality of components and manufacture and the extraordinarily attractive aesthetics of our windows and doors. In addition, we are focused on another very important aspect that distinguishes us in Europe. We are constantly testing and certifying products in cooperation with American laboratories. We are already a company with one of the largest, if not the largest, number of done certificates for NFRC and AAMA from Europe. By the end of this year, we also expect to receive the first certificates for hurricane windows. This fact open doors for our partners to projects, which were not available to offer with European products. 



In the photos: A 12-meter HST doors on the production floor and during packing into a container


It is worth mentioning that Bertand has been conducting comprehensive tests of PVC and aluminum structures for many years (both in terms of NFRC certification and AAMA structural tests). The obtained certificates (more are already on the way) allows to implement both commercial and residential projects in joinery of all types. The tested products are,, tilt and turn windows, fix, sliding, tilting, tilting outside, entrance doors, façade and sliding doors and that’s not all. Bearing in mind the importance of American research for our clients, we continue these activities and plan more.


What distinguishes BERTRAND products?


Responding to customer needs, extraordinary design, but above all – safety and excellent quality. One of our distinguishing features is the fact that BERTRAND windows as standard are equipped with four anti-burglary catches on one sash (which gives us class I anti-burglary resistance, increased tightness and resistance to wind pressure), and our wooden windows and doors are varnished with four varnish coatings. The color possibilities of our products are practically unlimited. We are able to reproduce the color of windows based on, for example, samples of the color of the wooden floor from the customer’s home.


Wooden frames of our windows are sanded by modern machines, and in places inaccessible to them – using sandpaper by experienced employees, which makes the surfaces of the frames perfectly smooth. At BERTRAND, we don’t like to compromise!


It is worth noting that BERTRAND is one of the few companies that varnishes uPVC windows, as well as foils windows in over 60 different veneer colors. We also have a unique technology of co-etruded acrylic surface on uPVC, the advantages of which you can read more about here. Our aluminium products and wood covers can be powder coated in matt, glossy, structural and wood-like colours and can be anodized. The glazing packages we use are based on the glass of the well-known and reputable Guardian steelworks in the United States.


– We are also focused on a long-term strategy and approach for North American markets. As a BERTRAND company, we only work with business partners who have the knowledge and resources to properly assembly and service BERTRAND’s products – concludes Marketing and Export Director at BERTRAND. – Our commercial partners have guaranteed installation and service training, and because of this we can provide long-term satisfaction from usage of our products by end customers –  BERTRAND is one of the few in Europe, which technicians specialized in installation and service travel to North America to support the most requiring cases. Thanks to this, together with our partners we are realizing many complicated and advanced projects. Moreover, our constructors prepare for our customers shop drawings, which help understand product’s unusual in USA specifics and make easier process of designing installation of larger projects.