The past weeks in Bertrand passed under the sign of initiatives for the local environment. We began the first week of November with a summary of an internal action prepared for animals from the shelter in Dąbrówka near Wejherowo.


Knowing that the autumn-winter period is particularly difficult for pets without a home of their own, we decided to act. Most importantly – together. The car was filled with donated gifts, including dry and wet food, blankets, toys or other items for dogs and cats. In addition, from donations collected in specially prepared cans, we were able to purchase another large bag of food and pellets. We took delivered everything in person, which worked out definitely to our advantage – we could personally meet the recipients of our pre-Christmas gift. As you can see from the photos, we liked each other right away.





Today, for a change, we went out to the streets of Luzino to act a little on pedestrian safety. We handed out the company’s reflective wristbands near the places where most people move in the morning hours, such as local supermarket, primary school or train station. A visible pedestrian is, after all, a safe pedestrian. So, we hope that the recipients will use them as often as possible. There was also a small treat for everyone known as Polish “krówki” – fudge, semi-soft milk toffee candies.







This is not the first and, we assure you, not the last of our activities of this kind. We will keep you posted on the next ones!