You’ve learned about the high-quality standards of European windows and decided to purchase them, which is an exciting step in the buying process. However, to complete the transaction, you’ll need to arrange for shipping to the USA. This article will guide you through the essential aspects of importing European windows to the USA.


Why Consider European Windows?


European windows are gaining popularity in the USA due to their superior resistance to condensation, which leads to reduced energy consumption, particularly in colder climates.

Unlike the double-pane windows commonly used in the USA, European windows often feature triple or quadruple panes and integrated blinds. This design helps retain heat during winter and maintain comfortable temperatures in summer. Even North American triple-pane windows tend to have narrower gaps between panes, making them less effective against external weather conditions.


Packaging and Shipping from Poland


1. Packing Process

Once you place an order for European windows, we usually take 1-8 weeks to prepare it. Afterward, the windows are packed securely for the long journey. The packaging includes stands or boxes designed to protect against moisture, shocks, and pests. For smaller orders, general cargo options are available to avoid the cost of a full container. After packing, the sea freight company is contacted to handle the shipping logistics.



2. Port in Poland

The packed container is transported to the Polish seaport via road. The shipping company then schedules the loading and departure, which can take a few days depending on ship availability. Once everything is in order, the container is approved for shipment.



3. Ocean Shipping

The transatlantic journey to New York City takes around 21 days, excluding additional time needed for organizing the container at the port, which can add 2-3 weeks. Shipping can be done under CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) or DAP (Delivered at Place) terms. CIF includes export customs clearance and maritime insurance, while DAP ensures delivery to a specific location, such as a construction site.


4. Port in the USA

Upon arrival, the container is either collected from the port by you or delivered to the construction site. Prompt collection is crucial to avoid additional port fees. If needed, a US customs broker can assist in finding a suitable delivery company. Be prepared for potential delays in unloading at the port.


5. Final Delivery

The shipping company delivers the container directly to the construction site, allowing you to commence installation promptly. Alternatively, you can have the windows delivered to a specified location, although this might incur higher costs.



By choosing European windows, you benefit from advanced insulation technology, meticulous packing and shipping processes, and flexible delivery options, ensuring your windows arrive safely and are ready for installation.